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Who TF is she Jody!!?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

YO WADDUP THOUGH!? Here we are, my very 1st blog post WOOOW! For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself...I am Briana also known as Bree or "twin" (we'll get into that in another post) *insert eye roll*. Honestly, I'm proud of myself y'all! Sometimes I have these great ideas or these goals that I set out to do and in all honestly laziness or anxiety sets in *moment of transparency*. I knew I needed to a create a judgement free space for myself as well as others where we could speak our peace, be honest about life and who we really are without being given the side eye!

The main catalyst that lit fire under my ass to create this blog, was knowing that I would have a platform where I could be completely problematic (if need be) with what comes out of my mouth, without the lingering feeling of offending someone. That along with other areas of inspiration, which includes the homegirl Tay Mack! While I am very emotionally intelligent, sometimes I just want to say things that hold true to my life's experiences without someone feeling a way! Social media does not always offer me that space because I either have to glitter my lips and watch my mouth for my momma, yo momma, a church member or that hating unidentified hoe that reports all of my "offensive" posts! *Ya lil bish* lol

Coffee is a great gateway to hearty, fluid, meaningful conversations which is why I chose the name, Black Coffee Conversations! Although we all may drink our coffee very different, the drink has a way of uniting folks whether it be at an office meeting, brunching with friends, or even sparking a connection on that new date! I invite you to grab a cup, take a seat and lets talk for a minute!

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,


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