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Amongst the many of emotions people of color feel right now, I think the most prevalent is the feeling of PASSION!! Yes we're enraged, we're tired and many of our hearts are hardened at the fact that we continue to become victims, at the hands of ineffective badges placed in a position to protect us! The purpose of this post is not to tell you how you should or shouldn't react/advocate for those unjustly murdered or brutally victimized. We all have a specific role to play in this fight and let's be real, everyone doesn't hold the position of the disrupter. So after the protesting, the rioting, the destruction...lets set a solid plan and all get to work!

I will say that in the current state of our country, this time is impressionable so say what needs to be said and SAY THAT SHIT LOUD!!! Many people ask the question, "What now, what can I do to help?" and I'm so glad youve asked! What you can do in this moment is take action! Advocate and demand the defunding for organizations that murder us daily, especially in your LOCAL areas! Have valid conversations and hold your LOCAL council members accountable! Also support and donate to your LOCAL organizations! If you live in the Buffalo area, I have provided some resources below where you can go and do your part. I WILL FOREVER SCREAM THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER, UNTIL YALL PROVE TO US THAT BLACK LIVES MATTER!!

Information to request that your local council members, allocate funds reserved for BPD increases and use those funds to help build local programs and initiatives.


Also, attend the Common Council budget hearing, FB live event TOMORROW at 10 am to make our demands heard. Black Love Resist In The Rust has provided info for this meeting, along with resources that you can utilize to prep for tomorrow's council meeting on their Facebook page which you can find below:


Local Buffalo organizations that are on the ground doing work, who you can support have also been listed below. All of which you can find on Facebook:

@voice- buffalo

@Black Love Resist in the Rust

@Open Buffalo

@African Heritage food co-op

@India Walton (Fruit Belt Community Land Trust

To my Black community, I LOVE YOU!! ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

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