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This Nipsey shit has me feeling EXTREMELY heavy today y'all. I usually don’t get too caught up in the celebrity stuff, however this one feels so different for me. It’s almost as if family got taken away. Death is never easy to process but, when its someone so young, so influential.... someone who by testimonial of all of those who personally knew him and those who have survived as a result of his influence, has brought a wave of light to who/whatever he touched...the absence of their energy is felt and will affect many! This is evident as I scroll through my social media today.

Aside from his craft as an artist, this young man dedicated his life to putting on for his community. He promoted wealth & health for the culture and encouraged everyone to vibrate to their highest level of potential. He was one that the world, our generation, our communities needed, and this is who y'all really decided to take from us? Not to insinuate that anyone's life is worth taking because IT IS NOT, but this is really who you animals decided to take from his family and loved ones!?

I have many overwhelming feelings in my heart today, but sadness and disappointment are the most prevalent. Disappointed that society has failed another (young) black man, saddened that Nipsey will never have the chance to see his children grow, never can grow old himself. Disappointed that all the things he was working hard for/towards have been brought to a halt. Saddened that no matter how much of a vessel for positivity he was and no matter how much greatness he invested into the universe, that alone wasn’t enough to protect him from this cruel world.

If you're in the same space that I am today, it’s important and I encourage you to show up for yourself. Love, acknowledge, honor and take good care of yourself on this day, as well as each day following.

Break your day to day routine: if you need to take the scenic, longer way to work today do so. Leave the office for lunch. Take the day off if you need to. Wear (or don’t wear) something today that allows you to feel free without restrictions.

Exercise some self-care: BREATHE and do it deeply because it’s a blessing to inhale and exhale. Stretch. Dance. Wash your face. Meditate. Soak in a hot bath. Do whatever it takes to obtain and retain positive energy today!

Express yourself: CRY. YELL. SCREAM. SIT IN SILENCE. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEEL! Grab some supplies, paint and create art if you need to.

and for crying out loud, LOG OFFLINE!

Show up for yourself today. Let it be the first and last thing you do!


**you all are welcome to use the space below (comment section) to interact and or have some open dialogue if you choose. You may also subscribe directly to my email list to chat or hit me up on any of my social media outlets to unload whatever you're feeling!



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