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PLEASE RSVP for my babyshower!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I know there’s someone that just read the title and said “See! I told you she wasn’t just FAT fat!”, God bless you! LOL

How many times have you heard this statement in your lifetime, “please RSVP for my baby shower by...”? HUNDREDS probably, right? You receive an invite from an expecting friend with brief details (or lengthy ones because baby showers are an extravaganza these days!) of the event and you either RSVP or decline. You're basically being invited to help your friends and loved ones birth their new baby! Once you decide if you can attend, you began to go out and purchase items. Baby bottles, strollers, car seats, diapers, baby gadgets and OH MY GOSH,THE ADORABLE LITTLE CLOTHES!!! *crying tears of cuteness* You invest in all of these items whether small or large, that you think would be essential and would relieve the parents to be as they begin this new journey!

What if we did that for our friends and their new businesses?

When we step into a new business or step into the world of entrepreneurship in whatever form that may be, we’re in the process of birthing a baby! I mean, for many of us , don’t we hold our businesses dear to our hearts like a child?

We concieve our babies with the anticipation of them manifesting into these big beautiful things! We spend months and months on end, pregnant with these new ideas, new products, and new services that we want to deliver into the world. We began to slowly tell trusted friends, family, and even colleagues that we’re carrying these beautiful babies of ours and we’re super excited for them to arrive! We take time in “letting them bake”, until they have finally developed and are ready for delivery! We proceed with caution in all that we do for months, making sure we‘re careful not to cause harm during the developmental process. There are many nights that we’re up in pain, not feeling well, tired yet willing to change our entire lifestyle and make the sacrifice to accommodate our new babies to be!

We enroll in classes that will help ensure a safe delivery. We read “new parent” books and receive testimonials from experienced business parents, who provide us with advice on the best ways to care for our new babies, but most importantly, what if we had friends that RSVP'd to our "business“ baby showers?

What if we attended gatherings that helped our friends birth their dreams and brought them the essentials they need to start off as a great new parent? We could buy meals for the new dad that was up all night perfecting his new project and forgot to eat. How about the new mom that just opened her new hair salon and was so overwhlmed with making sure everything worked properly, that she forgot to grab tissue for the client restrooms. Or what about the friend that just opened her new boutique and is in need of new hangers? Perhaps we consider our friend that just lauched a new blog/vlog and has dedicated herself to going to the library every morning/night, but is in need of a new computer? These things may seem small, but they're all essential for birthing a new business! Even if we can’t make the shower, how about sharing our friend’s business page and getting the word out there to the public! Every little bit helps!

Just like new parents, a new business owner/entrepreneur loves having that feeling of support and knowing that their village believes in their success!

They always say it take a village to raise a child, how about we all take a hand in being the village that helps our friends “children“, grow to become healthy, successful and great!

Will you RSVP to my baby shower?

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!

Bree ❤️

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