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I can laugh at myself and I'm going to let you guys all laugh with me!

So...I had wisdom teeth pulled yesterday!

PAUSE! rewind...

LIE NUMBER 1.) I was told by my dentist at 21 years old, that I wouldn't get my wisdom teeth because they hadn't grown in up until that point. Ok cool!

...they ended up growing in when I was about 22-23 ish. Still fine with me.

LIE NUMBER 2.) I asked my dentist if I would need to get them pulled because there were concerns that they would shift my teeth. I had braces all throughout high school and while I actually enjoyed my braces... the pain, that entire process, and the pretty coin my momma spent was not about to go down the drain!


He told me no, shifting shouldn't be an issue and that I honestly wouldn't need them removed unless they became an issue for me. Again, OK COOL.


They shifted my teeth. Not bad at all, my teeth are still considerably perfect (for the most part) but compared to how perfect they were before, I'm considering having straighteners reapplied *1st world problems*. Also, the wisdom teeth have begin to bother me. I notice when eating meats and when flossing, I have this annoying pain back where my wisdom teeth are located.

So back to yesterday's dentist appointment. I go in for a routine cleaning as a new patient and they end up telling me I need 2 wisdom teeth pulled! Honestly, I was gung-ho about it (MY DUMB ASS) LOL, that is until the situation became real!

So they pull the teeth. Standard procedure of removing wisdom teeth, nothing special! BING, BAM, BOOM! Done.

After the procedure the dental assistant is explaining what foods to avoid eating and I’m attentive because this is my first time ever having teeth pulled. As she’s explaining, due to a small language barrier and the fact that I was still high as a kite, I heard what I thought was “avoid all foods with any seasonings!” So I repeated back to her with the right side of my face paralyzed from the drugs and gauze in my mouth, “NO FOOD WITH SEASONINGS!?” and she replied “yes!”

Y’all... I literally started crying in the chair! 😂😂 LOL I said, “how am I supposed to eat ANYTHING then!??” (not during Black History month sis) She said “Sweetie its ok!” followed by a little chuckle. As she’s trying to reassure me that she‘s had this procedure before and that it isn’t that bad, in the back of my mind all I’m thinking is:

I didn't eat breakfast. I'll be dead in 3 hours MAX!! *y'all know I'm dramatic* LOL

So as she continues to explain what not to eat, she goes “definitely avoid any burgers because again, the buns will have “seasonings!” I go, “OOH! You mean “seeds in it!” and she says “YES!! No food with seeds in it!”

Lmaaaooo y’all!! It hurt my mouth so bad, but we laughed so hard! WHEW CHILAY! 

Isn’t that a true testimony to life though? Sometimes when we’re in distress or when our minds aren’t clear, we tend to overreact! We understand or translate things to be true, in a way that only makes sense in our current emotional state. Let this be a reminder that when life throws a hook into our plans, places obstacles in our path, or even applies pressure on our mental health lets pause, breath, and assess before we make any decisions to react in our current emotional state. Once we free our minds, things will then become clear and we can really see, hear, and understand things for what they truly are! 

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!


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