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let's sleep together

Let’s jump into this topic quick, fast and in a hurry.

Am I the only one or does anyone else have the desire to sometimes skip dinner, skip the movies, skip the walk by the water, basically skip every type of date that requires effort and just get up with your boo to sleep together??

I know a good amount of you are like HELL YEAH SIS!!


now that I have your attention... I mean like, a LEGIT NAP DATE!

1st things first, do you all know what a nap date is? As the ultimate self-proclaimed "Nap Queen, I am intrigued at the amount of people that don't know what a nap date is (especially millennial's because I feel like...didn't we make this shit up lol ) and more perplexed at the amount of people that have never heard of a nap date in general! I did a quick poll and asked a few of my friends what they defined as a nap date, here are a few of their responses:

**Can I just say that in honor of #HotGirlSummer , many of the sexual responses came from my ladies!! Which honestly had me shook! LMAO**

A nap date is two people setting up a time and date to come together and literally sleep. This time could include snacks, convo and /or movies. This is not to be confused with y'alls definition of a Netflix and chill because it’s not a sexual occasion. It should be designated time for you to hang out, catch up, co-sleep but most importantly to show & share some intimacy with one another.

Now I know many of you are probably saying, "well intimacy will lead to sex!" which I completely understand, but if we're being honest I think many of us automatically include sex as a part of intimacy, when it doesn't always have to be. I also believe the biggest misconception about intimacy is that it only pertains to monogamous relationships, when it is also very platonic. While often over sexualized, mainly due to everyone's definition being different, intimacy is simply defined as the shared closeness, comfort and connection that you build with any given person, during the time you share together in a

relationship. Meaning its so simple, you can even share intimacy amongst your friends as well! For instance, my best friend (shout out to BEE) and I have nap dates quite often! I go to her house, she cooks, or we order take out, we pop in some red boxes or watch tv and lounge around on the couch until we both fall asleep.

***I'll tell you all a secret, I'm usually the first one sleep #NapQueen lmao!***

Another example, my newfound 2nd best friend (shout out to KAILY- and the lunch crew) share intimacy every day over lunch. Kaily and I bond over snacks #SnackTwins , we share and support each other’s personal/business goals, and we tell each other how great our asses look in our new pants, as we practice our Meg Thee Stallion twerk and crescent lunge- yoga pose! Both examples qualify as intimacy and neither are sexual interactions.

Essentially, "nap dating" is indeed something meant to be done with your partner/significant other and co- napping can be beneficial in many ways such as:

1.) Better sleep. Lying next to someone you love creates comfort which in turn, helps reduce anxiety and can help lower your blood pressure. Also, while napping with someone obviously cuddling will occur. Touching someone helps naturally release multiple chemicals within our body such as:

a.) oxytocin (the love hormone) - which can also strengthen our immune system.

b.) serotonin (the happy chemical) and dopamine (the feel-good chemical)- both of which helps regulate your mood, your sleep and can also help decrease feelings of depression.

2.) "Us time". It gives you both designated, uninterrupted quality time together. Daily life can be hella busy and a bit full for many of us. Realistically, adding your typical date night to the schedule can sometimes be another task that you mentally or physically don't have the strength for. We all have time for a nap and its super low maintenance! Think about it, who ain't got the time to throw on some sweats and cuddle on the couch!!?

*soulja boy voice*... "you dont have time for a naaaaap!!??"

4.) Helps with your quality of sleep. As we respond to our partners, the release of the above-mentioned chemicals provides a sense of security within us. Feeling secure releases tension which helps you fall asleep faster and helps you stay sleep much longer, ultimately allowing you to feel well rested.

5.) Improves your relationship. As mentioned before, napping together helps build multiple different areas of intimacy within your romantic relationship. This can help your bond become more solid. Physical intimacy (the obvious) can be increased through affection, touch, cuddling, kissing etc. This quality time can also help increase emotional intimacy. It allows you the opportunity to connect with your partner by sharing your thoughts of one another and your desires, while creating a space to become vulnerable with each other.

All in all, while there are many benefits to sleeping with your boo, don't overcomplicate it! This date is meant for relaxation, to decompress and to get comfy! Throw a leg or an arm over bae and sleep together! Peace, Love and ZZZzzzz's!

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,


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