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"But you CAN'T use my phone..."

Updated: Jan 24, 2019


AT&T played in my face for 2 1/2 , TWO AND A HALF whole months and left me without phone service. Now before we dig deep into this blog post, lets be VERY CLEAR! I am a responsible young adult who takes care of my responsibilities, so lets leave no room for speculation! My bill was PAID paid and I mean every dime of $732.57! ( I need a drink just for having to repeat that shit out loud!)

on the phone AND in store with AT&T...

VERY long story short, my bank account got hacked 2 weeks before I left for Europe and everything that occurred as a result will go down in history. Now that we have that out of the way, I'm not going into any more details about that situation. Mainly because I can finally breath now that the situation is handled , I get HELLA stressed when I have to recollect the entire experience AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I came here to prove a greater point to you all and DASSIT! LOL

I honestly, truly do my best to see the best in every situation. Even when I have no optimism to give and I accept a situation at face value, I still try to take away a lesson. SO... did y'all know that NFTA has wifi LMAO!? Listen beloved, for the entire duration of that disaster, my life relied on wifi and hotspot connections. I had means to get in touch with folks in case of an emergency if need be, (thank the lord for my momma lending me her trap phone lol and thank the lord that almost everyone in my circle has an iPhone or social media!) but when it finally clicked that I couldn't even use my gps without wifi, I decided to take another approach for my sanity.

I pretty much used this time wisely to disconnect, pun intended! In this generation, our phones and our devices are pretty much a wardrobe must have for us all. We cant leave home without them, we cant work without them, we cant "enjoy life" without them, hell some of y'all I see cant even experience a tragedy/near death situation without your phone!

Can I tell you guys that I felt SO FREE!! It may sound a little weird or selfish, but it was so liberating knowing that people could only contact me when it was extremely necessary and vise versa! The stress and obligation of urgently responding to text messages or returning phone calls was completely obsolete. Also, it gave me a break and removed the urge to impulsively check my social media apps. The fact that wifi connections were so unreliable, made it easy for me to indulge my mind in others things due to my level of patience!

During this time I did some much needed reading and started/finished a few books that I was putting off. It gave me the opportunity to get back into my calligraphy and also my writing, which are some things that I've always been in love with! It basically gave me ample amounts of time to kick back into my artsy side and unblock that side of my brain. Most of all, it gave me time to put this blog into work and for that I'm grateful!

It also provided me the opportunity to fully commit to living life in the moment! As I mentioned before, I went to Europe at the end of December (look forward to that blog post!) and as you all may or may not know, I love photography!

*** (no I'm not the professional photograpHER, that's Brittani! Check her out over at www.justbmckayphotography.com and justbmckay on all social media plaforms!) #shamelessplug ***

When I travel I like to take photos of ER'THANG and I usually want to share ER'THANG with you guys as well. This vacation I still took pictures of everything lol, but as you all may have noticed I didn't share much of my trip. The service I used as a substitute while I was away was, ummm cómo se dice...HORRIBLE (rhymes with sprint) lmao and I could only find good wifi to use my actual phone with AT&T, at our hotel. Not having the leisure to update a status, check in a location, or share a photo at my convenience gave me more time to explore! It gave me more time to just enjoy/bask in the experience of the moment and that was a beautiful, refreshing experience for me! It allowed me to notice smaller details that I may have overlooked, had I been glued to my phone every 10 minutes.

I wont lie, it was definitely a challenge for me to adapt to, but it gave me the opportunity to get lost if you will, and rely on myself rather than google, GPS, or other features of my phone. All in all, I challenge each of you to take some much needed time to unplug! Obviously for you all, this opportunity will be voluntary but I believe and pray that the experience will be just as liberating and refreshing for you, as it was for me!

Remember we are not always responsible for the cards we're dealt, but we are responsible for the hand that we play!

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing,


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