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Hey there coffee dates, Happy 2020!

I know, I KNOOOOOWW *Elaine from Seinfeld voice*! It’s been some months since we've had our last coffee date and I appreciate those who have checked in and have been asking about new posts.

Growing up, my grandmother would tell me “obedience is better than sacrifice” and as a growing woman I truly understand this now. God needed my attention for a moment and because I was neglectful & disobedient in those areas, I had to make a temporary sacrifice of blogging/sharing this space with all of you. It broke my heart too because there were days where I wanted to, craved to, and needed to blog. Things I would have loved to share with you all, but I mentally couldn’t do it. So many moments where I sat in front of my computer and began to type but couldn’t even formulate the words to express myself. IF YALL COULD SEE THE DRAFT SECTION OF MY BLOG! LOL WHEW HUNNY! I needed to take some much-needed time to get it together.

But guess what?

That has settled itself and SHESSSS BACKKKK!!! And I have plenty of topics I want to discuss during our coffee dates this year!

I hope today finds you all well, healthy, happy and knee deep into optimism about your goals for this year! Even though its REEAAL GHETTO OUT HERE IN THE YEAR 20 OF 20!!

Picture this: 2020 is your homegirl that you invited to the kickback, who decided to invite her ghetto ass friend unannounced and now the whole vibe is ruined. A fight done broke out and everybody done left the party with no wig, no edges and no money!

The current state of our country may be very stressful for many of us, which is why NOW is the perfect time to give yourself some extra love and pampering. Its also the best time to continue progressing with those goals we set on January 1st and continue to achieve and conquer them, just as we have every day up until this point!

This year you may have decided to be better at saving, better at eating cleaner or even working out. Some may have decided to learn more about applying makeup, styling their hair in new ways, or even finding and establishing healthy self-care routines. I know I talk a lot about taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally, but let’s have a convo about taking care of the physically parts of ourselves.

I always get showered with compliments about how amazing my skin looks, how I’m glowing and I appreciate that! However at times, my skin can act like a spoiled 2 year old in Walmart's toy section. Every good thing comes from setting a regimen/routine and executing with consistency. On today’s coffee date we’re going to discuss my skin care routine and some of my favorite products to use, that keeps my skin feeling fresh, looking clear and glowing!


Dove bars contain multiple ingredients and fragrance enhancers that strip your skin of its natural oils and pH, which can ultimately leave your skin dull, dry and more susceptible to breakouts. You want to use products that are going to effectively combat everyday environmental pollutants, as well as clear your skin from everyday buildup. The key point in discovering the perfect skincare routine that works for you, is determining what YOUR skin needs. While I’ll show you in this blog post the products I personally use and the steps I take daily, your skin will only flourish if you’re properly assessing YOUR personal needs. Here are a few pointers to keep along the way:

1.) DRINK WATER- No matter the skin type, make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER!

I hate to see people who spend hundreds of dollars on the top skincare brands and don’t drink H2O!! Clear, healthy skin starts from the inside out! Also, watch what your consuming. Your diet plays a huge part in your skincare and if you have control over what you’re eating, it can later help you in determining or ruling out the cause of breakouts (not always the case but it helps). For example, I know that when I’m consuming more carbs or sugary foods, I usually get bad breakouts in my chin area. When I’m under constant stress or having more wine than usual, I have breakouts in my forehead area.

2.) Also, practicing PROPER HYGIENE helps your skin (Yes, this needs to be said…). Make sure you’re not sleeping in your makeup. Ensure you’re constantly washing your pillowcases and head scarves/bonnets/ durags etc.

Make sure you are frequently washing your makeup brushes/sponges and replacing them as necessary!! (I know its rough, but it’s essential boo). This also applies for facial cleansing brushes like clear sonic brushes or such.

3.) Another tip, be sure to not only cleanse and moisturize in the morning, but also do so before bed. Our skin regenerates overnight, so making sure we’re going to bed with a fresh face makes a huge difference. In addition to that, be sure to get a nights well rest, BEAUTY SLEEP IS A REAL THING!

4.) Honorable mention: I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…. You! YES YOU!!! Please STOP using the same washcloth for the rest of your body, ON YOUR FACE!!!


You may find that your skin is either congested or dehydrated.

Congested skin is typically skin that produces a lot of oil, which plays a huge part in blocked pores. If your skin is congested, you may notice that you’re more prone to acne & breakouts. You may also notice that your skin looks uneven or perhaps dull. There are multiple factors that can contribute to congested skin such as diet, medications and genetics just to name a few. For this skin concern, you’ll want to find a product that will balance, exfoliate and clarify your skin, without stripping the natural oils. You may also want to use products that are lighter and not too heavy on oils, to keep your skin balanced.

Dehydrated skin (this is different from, “I rushed out the house this morning and didn’t use lotion so I’m ashy or dry”)- when your skin is dehydrated, you’ll know. Your skin will literally look and feel thirsty! You may have a feeling of crustiness (hunny I’m sorry, but this is the best way I can describe it lol). Your skin will feel tight or even itchy. In this case, the first thing you need to do is drink water and GALLONS (not literally…. but maybe literally!) You should also lay off heavy consumption of things like coffee and alcohol. Another cause of dehydrated skin can be that the products you’re using, may be sucking the moisture out! Try using products that are not overly harsh or drying and opt in for products that will hydrate and restore moisture all around the clock. Also USE SPF! SPF protects your skin from becoming dull, as well as from UV damage.

Another good thing to know is whether your skin is oily, combo, or dry because this makes all the difference in helping decide which products to use. Neither one of these skin types are anything to freak out about but should help you move forward in selecting and established a healthy routine. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your skin may have changed from one to the other at some point and that’s ok. Seasonal conditions and environmental qualities can play a big part in the change of our skin. I typically have oily to combo skin, but during our disgusting winters I’m more prone to having dryer skin.

I have oily-combo skin. My “T-zone” is typically oily, while the rest of my face varies from normal to dry. I also have sensitive skin so let’s throw that in the mix. Through trial and error, I have discovered that facial cleansers that are cream based or oil based don’t work well for me. Micellar waters and gel foaming cleansers are my cup of tea! They both give me the cleanse that I need while remaining gentle and not irritating or drying my skin. I use the Mary Kay TimeWise, 4 in 1 cleanser for combo skin because its gentle on my face, has no oil and is fragrance free. I've also used their entire botanical facial cleansing kit which is amazing! I would recommend the botanical one for anyone who has extremely sensitive skin.

I absolutely love this rose water micellar because it gives me a nice clean feel and soothes my skin after a long day.

I prefer serums and gel moisturizers that are lightweight for my skin and won’t make me too oily but will help me retain moisture. I layer a serum over a gel moisturizer to get the perfect balance of what my skin needs. I use the luminous brightening set by Olehenriksen , which comes with a serum, moisturizer and eye cream. I love this set because it contains:

1.) Vitamin C- helps combat my dullness and signs of aging.

.) Banana Powder -gives me an illuminating glow

.) Collagen- which we all know improves elasticity, hydration and the overall health of our skin.

Another staple product in my skincare routine is a facial toner. Toners aren't necessary for everyone, but I like to use one as my final step prior to moisturizing because again...I'm an oil factory! lol

Finally, SCRUBS!...Naw not your homeboys lmao, but I’m referring to facial and lip exfoliants! Exfoliants are an essential part of my regimen because they help rid dead skin cells, refine skin texture and helps promote a softer and smoother face. I use two types of exfoliants, a daily scrub and a peel which I use, 1-2x's a week. The days that I use the peel, I opt out of using the daily scrub. I also use a lip scrub twice a week. (click right to see each products)

Once or twice a month I also like to use a face steamer, just to open my pores and give me a deeper clean. Steaming before a deep cleanse literally makes me feel like I have a whole new face! 😌

I'll include the steamer I've used below (ps. you can find options that are more cost friendly on amazon, that work just a great), as well as a few other favorite items I keep on hand. You can also find below, videos of my daytime and nighttime care routine.

I am not a licensed professional when it comes to skin care, but I be knowing what I be knowing lol and I also know what works FOR ME! If you have additional questions or skincare needs/concerns, I recommend you consult with a dermatologist or knowledgeable esthetician.

Be well, take care of yourselves in every capacity and STAY HOME!

Bree ❤️

ay routine

Night routine

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